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Hopefully the database holds some info on a couple of our local club members otherwise history-less vehicles:

1. M38 CFR 52-30688
2. M38 CFR 52-30323
3. M37 CFR 52-40764
4. M151A2CDN 74-09188

(That first M38 has really been around the block and had a really heavy duty Southwind heater installation and about three layers of tac signs.)

My own M151A2 (not the one in the list up there) was part of a group of PPCLI(3) vehicles that were disposed of in Victoria, but unfortunately any CFR markings are looooong gone. Was there a block of M151A2 CFRs that went to PPCLI(3) from which I could sort of adopt one? A lot of the PPCLI ones that were scrapped out here had this really ugly "piece of railroad track" abortion for a bumper done as a field mod at some point, and I was hoping one day to find a pic of one of those in service and narrow the range down that way. Who knew there'd be so few pics of the M151A2 in Canadian service?

Andy Hill
Western Command Chapter MVPA
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