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Originally Posted by 302Trooper View Post
Would you know the history of CFR 67-08318. This might have been a jeep used for parts at some point.

Thanks so much for the help. I would like to personally thank you on my way through Oromocto tomorrow as I visit my friends at the Armoured School.


I'll check out your parts Jeep for you as soon as I get a chance.

I will most likely be tied up tommorrow with training, but I appreciate the gesture.

Bit of irony that your 38A1 ended up coming from an Armd unit, although, judging by your Avatar, i'd imagine you were hoping for an RCD Jeep. Worked out well for you either way, plus you can put the Recce kit (MG mount etc) on it without being a poser I have collected 3 x 151s now, and still no luck getting an original Fd Engr Jeep. 2 CER never even used M151s, so I was hoping to find a 22 Fd Sqn carcass out this way, but i've given up as most have returned to the earth now. I'm going to find a CFR from a 4 CER M151A2 on the Database, as I know those were all destroyed in situ at Lahr, so I don't have to worry about stealing someone elses CFR.

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