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Originally Posted by Mike Baker View Post
Do the maintenance records give any indication of which unit it belonged to at Chilliwack? I suppose it could even have belonged to one of the Militia units in Vancouver and just been serviced in Chilliwack.

Also - how likely is it that the recorded mileage is incorrect? Is there a mileage given for the previous service? Reason I ask is that the current mileage is 59,717 and it has been sitting under a tarp in a guy's garage in Cobble Hill since at least 1988. And I doubt it did 77,000 miles in 2 1/2 years!

Mike, as I have mentioned in some earlier posts in this thread, I suspect that the odometer readings on some vehicles have been converted from miles to Km in the database. In your case, if you convert the last entry from Km to miles, it comes in at a much more reasonable 53000 miles. Two of my 3 M151s were this way also.

With regards to units, generally the logs will have unit names if they belonged to one. In the case of Chilliwack back in the day, there would have been 1 CER or the DMER pool. CFSME and CFOCS generally shared the Base Tpt fleet. I suspect yours would have been used by either of these schools as all of the logs indicate either Base Maintenance or ASU Chilliwack.
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