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VMO History for CFR Number : 07840
VMO Type Pending To ECC To AC To HUIC To DA UIC
DP356702 - 22-Sep-86 REGUL No 121201 MA 0122 0122 CFB CHILLIWACK

Last maintenance record was dated 7 Mar 85, performed by CFB Chilliwack with 83013 miles/kms on the Odometer.
Do the maintenance records give any indication of which unit it belonged to at Chilliwack? I suppose it could even have belonged to one of the Militia units in Vancouver and just been serviced in Chilliwack.

Also - how likely is it that the recorded mileage is incorrect? Is there a mileage given for the previous service? Reason I ask is that the current mileage is 59,717 and it has been sitting under a tarp in a guy's garage in Cobble Hill since at least 1988. And I doubt it did 77,000 miles in 2 1/2 years!

Lastly, the engine has a rebuild tag from 1978. It was done by a company called Eastern Rebuilders in Bedford, Quebec, which is a short drive southwest of Farnham and near St. Jean. Would it have been just the engine that was out east or was the whole Jeep out there in the '70s?

Thank you very much for your assistance with this - the more info I have, the easier it will be to convince ICBC to register it in my name.

Mike Baker
Comox, BC
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