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Originally Posted by armybuck041 View Post
CFR Information
CFR No 08650
CFR Year 1970
Serial No 99989
Actual ECC 121301
Authorized ECC 121301
ERN 30104
Holding Unit 0131
DA Unit 0131
Date Acquired 01-Jan-70
Cost 0
Alloc Code MD
Comm Suite
Current VMO DP357375 - 28-Oct-86
HN Date 27-Feb-87
Pending? No
Disposed? Yes
Disposal Date 22-May-87

VMO History for CFR Number : 08650
VMO Type Pending To ECC To AC To HUIC To DA UIC
DP357375 - 28-Oct-86 REGUL No 121301 MA 0131 0131 CANADIAN FORCES BASE LONDON
F86-431 - 18-Sep-86 UPDAT No 121301 MD 0131 0131 CANADIAN FORCES BASE LONDON

Last Maintenance record shows 43888 miles/kms on the odometer performed by the Windsor Regiment on 23 March 1983
Thanks for the Info. Is Holding Unit 0131 The Windsor Regt? I was thinking it came from Petawawa due to the CFR being close to the ones there but a plesent surprise.


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