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Originally Posted by oldlithgow View Post
Good day Craig,
Can you give me any information for my second M38A1
Ser#710597424 CFR 68-08157.
Any help would be appreciated.

Craig Harris
Cold Lake
CFR Information
CFR No 08157
CFR Year 1967
Serial No 7105-97424
Actual ECC 121201
Authorized ECC 121201
ERN 30103
Holding Unit 1732
DA Unit 1732
Date Acquired 01-Jan-67
Cost 0
Alloc Code MA
Comm Suite
Current VMO DP350852 - 23-Jun-87
HN Date 20-Oct-87
Pending? No
Disposed? Yes
Disposal Date 30-Sep-87

VMO History for CFR Number : 08157
VMO Type Pending To ECC To AC To HUIC To DA UIC
DP350852 - 23-Jun-87 REGUL No 121201 MA 1732 1732 CFB EDMONTON DETACHMENT WAINWRIGHT

Last Maint entry entered was performed by 2 RCHA in 31 Dec 78 with 55575 miles/kms on the Odometer. I suspect the rest of the maintenance records are missing as there is nearly a ten year gap from the last one until auction.
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