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Originally Posted by graveltech1 View Post
Hi Everyone...I recently emailed the message below to Rob, but if others can help out in the 'investigation' process, that would be great!!

We picked up our new project. The restoration of an M38A1CDN3 Jeep Ambulance.

The CFR number is: 70-08858

The Serial Number(from the front passenger seat area) is: 7105014 100067 (underneath the plate it says 'Jeep Corporation Toledo Ohio).

If you are able to find out anything about the history of this Jeep's life prior to it's public sale, that would be amazing!!

A picture is's a little low in the back...need some springs to start with...and so it begins

Oh...just wanted to add that there is no rear seat, as there is an aluminum plate bolted into the body that extends from behind the front seats to a few feet past the rear of the jeep. The plate has aluminum rails along the top length to hold two stretchers in place. It came with 2 tarps that accommodate the entire body and extension.

Graham (Graveltech1)
CFR Information
CFR No 08858
CFR Year 1970
Serial No 100067
Actual ECC 121303
Authorized ECC 121303
ERN 30104
Holding Unit 0124 (CFB Toronto)
DA Unit 0124
Date Acquired 01-Jan-70
Cost 0
Alloc Code MA
Comm Suite
Current VMO DP352054 - 24-Sep-87
HN Date 20-Sep-88
Pending? No
Disposed? Yes
Disposal Date 21-Apr-88

According to the maint records, this Amb spent its entire career in Toronto. I'd imagine with one of the Reserve Field Ambulance Units.

The last maintenance record shows in 1983 shows a mileage of 40,583. I'm not sure if its miles or KMs. One of my M151s maint records had the miles converted to KMs, so when I converted it back to miles, it was within a few hundred of what was showing on the odometer. The other was in miles, so don't be alarmed if this is higher than your odometer.

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