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Hello all -

It's been a while since I last was on here with any new info for those of you requesting it. A few weeks ago I changed job location and duties. In the process I have lost access to the database of info where the equipment information/history comes from. Actually I've lost all access to my work computer internet/intranet account in the changeover from my former workstation. So after 3 weeks - so far - I continue to wait impatiently for someone to contact someone else so somebody can figure out the problem and get it resolved. This someone or somebody needs a candle placed under their butt me thinks. As well, in this period the new job has proven to be filled with "legitimate" work and with that, not as much free time to search out retired CFR'd equipment. However, once I can get back at searching out all those info requests I will get the info copied and edited to post up on this thread. Those of you who pm'd requests for info will get the info as well, only I will post it in this thread. I do expect in the future it will be a slower response time for each request than it had been in the past, but as long as I can get the info I will get it out to you soonest as time permits. Cheers,


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