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So here's the update: as I've said in my first post, i have 2 iltis that should run, so I'll call them iltis 1 and 2.

Iltis 1

Problem: Alternator 1 is overcharging to 32 volts and more within 15-30 seconds of engine start (not sporadic).

-I've tried cleaning the battery terminals, the connection at the starter, the ground next to the master key and every connection on the alternator. -No change Haven't touched the split connection of the positive cable or the connection at the master switch.

-I've also played musical chair with 4 batteries, 3 originals for the iltis and one random one. -No change I havent tested the batteries with a hydrometer yet.

-I took the alternator 2 from Iltis 2 and pluged it in Iltis 1, (although it was after it burned up... i'll explain below) This was interesting, the voltage stabilized at around 30.4-30.5 for a bit and then dropped down to 24... my guess is it is now completly fried but the voltage regulator may still work?

-I plugged in again the brand new (or its supposed to be) alternator, and it still overcharges to 32v

Iltis 2

Problem: A constant voltage of 24v accross the batteries and (as i later found out) smoking of the alternator

-I thought it was ok to use even if the alternator didnt charge the batteries, left of about a minute, came back and the alternator 2 was smoking like crazy

-I used the alternator 1 from Iltis 1 and there was still no change in the voltage. I suspect a bad connection/wire from the alternator to the rest of the system.

Rob you mentioned that a bad connection somewhere could cause the buildup of voltage, but since i can successfully and easily start the engine, wouldn't that mean that the connecitons are good? Also, unless there's another power generation equipment other than the alternator, how could the voltage increase? The alternator is behind the voltage regulator, so technically it shouldn't be able to raise the voltage beyond what the regulator dictates?

Also, when the alternator recharges the battery, is the voltage supposed to go up to as much as 30v? Or does it stay constant at 28?

My guess is that both Alternator 1 and the new alternator have defective regulators, and that theres a bad connection from the alternator to the electrical system on Iltis 2. I'll try changing the regulator from Alt 2 to Alt 1 and see what happens. Unless, is there a way to check if the regulator works or not? Maybe with the ohm meter?

I'm open to any suggestions and thought.
Thanks for your help!
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