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90% of the over voltage problems that I experienced on the Iltis were due to poor connections. Loose terminals at the batteries would cause the alternator to over compensate and in the end would boil the batteries and fry the alternator. Make sure the cables are clean and tight at the batteries. Another potential problem area is the main connection at the starter. It acts as a junction for a number of wires. If this is loose, it also results in an over voltage problem. You can also check the connections at the master switch. Also, a bad battery (or two) can cause the over voltage problem. Check the batteries cell condition with a hydrometer; all cells should be equal within 20 points of each other. A single bad cell can cause the problems you are describing. Hydrometers are available at Cdn tire for under $10. If a cell is bad, the battery must be replaced, and on a 24 volt system, both batteries should be of relatively equal condition.

As an aside, there was a small bridge on the replacement alternators that also cause a bit of a problem. It was found that the vehicles could be started without the master switch if this bridge was allowed to remain. The bridge ran from the positive stud on the alternator over to the field (IIRC).
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