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I received a request for info on the M-135 truck in the previous photos. In a momentary lapse and a hair trigger on the delete button - I lost the e-mail. I believe it was from Gordon Yeo and it seems that the serial numbers are close together with his M-135. My apologies with regard to that hair trigger. Anyhow,the remains of this truck are at CFB Gagetown and it now sits in the Base Recovery Section compound at B-9. To make the story short - this truck (previously complete and in good condition) - became a candidate for a training aid a few years ago. It was stripped of hazardous materials/non-essential parts required for teaching how to right a rollover. The only item returned to the museum (after questioning where the truck was, since it had been moved from it's previous location without proper authorization) was the transmission. Scrap metal bin got the rest of the removed parts...


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