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Originally Posted by nm190 View Post
This is the number off my pinkslip: CKL2461154766, first registration in Norway was 13. sept. 1996.

In addition i have some numbers from parts that came with the truck.

CFR/SER. number: 7626749
(it's kinda hard to make out, see for yourself)
The photo you show is of a condition and identity tag for a 24 volt alternator. The CFR in the tag could be for the truck that the alternator was either cannibalized from or possibly removed from and later repaired. It could also be the CFR of a truck the alt was ordered for.
Whichever way you look at it, that number is meaningless for your truck.
In another thread you showed the CFR spray painted onto the hood of your truck. That kind of thing was somewhat common, especially for trucks constantly on ex with the license plates covered over or removed for camouflage.

Edited to correct the info on the alternator: It is for the standard GM 12V 61 amp commercial alternator, and not for the 24V alt as I suggested in the above. Sorry.

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