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Default Request for Info

After reading all the requests for CFR numbers I feel a little intrusive. However It seems I have received more information and help from this forum in the last couple of months than my searching in over a year. I live in Connecticut, United States and bought a M38A1 which I believe is a CDN2.
It was purchased by the previous owner from Canada a couple of years ago. I am a member of the Connecticut Military Vehicle Collectors Inc of which I am proud to have been a past president. The chance to restore a Canadian jeep is exciting to me. All too many times I've seen the pratice of a restored USA jeep mounted with machine guns and Military Police markers. It would have you think every jeep was a gun jeep. So the chance to make an histortic Canadian jeep is exciting. I have been told the CFR numbers on it are wrong. The color is wrong and other marking are wrongand placement is wrong.
The number on it is 67-97211. I was told the number should be 67-07740
So I'll ask for as much info on this jeep as I can, so as I can make it back to the way it was equiped with the units it was in. Hopefully late 60s.

So here are the facts.
Data plate indicates the jeep was made NOV 67, Ser # is 7105-97211.
Vehicle has a SMG holder on the dash. Also has butt plate holder on the floor on the passenger side. Right side of vehicle has welded holes in the pattern and placement of a machine gun mount. Two more holes just forward of slave cable recepticle.e
That's it.
I wish to thank the people who have helped me in the past and and in the future.


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