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Quote: 1971 M38A1 CDN3, serial number 99874?
WayneR -

Here is what info remains in the database. I would presume that due to it's code "MF" (being under Controlled Cannibalization), this is the reason for such little info being retrievable. Also you will see that it fell into the 1970 category for M-38A1CDN3's vice 1971. It didn't seem to make a difference in regards to the serial number/CFR relationship. They were scattered in no particular order from lower 9#### ser. no's onto the higher 1##### ser. no's, while the CFR's went in order throughout - even between the 1970 to 1971 model years. Mismatched all the way. A large amount of 1971 model year Jeeps listed - showed there first issue was in support of a UN mission. I could not find a reference to any UIC of 1755. If there was such a unit using this as it's UIC, it no longer exists, or has been changed. Cheers,

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