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On Iltis CFR 87423 I noticed that the very last work order detail completed May 10 2003 appeared to be an inspection, the holding unit was 6297 (not sure what that unit that is) TF Kabul MB HQ SIG SQN
matthewq4b -

What I've done is taken actual Iltis CFR's from vehicles in theater during this time frame. I looked at the maintenance and service records for them and compared the different UIC's before the vehicles went to UIC 6297 (TF Kabul MB HQ SIG SQN) and after to UIC 6300 (Candian ISAF NSE maintenance). I would say perhaps that vehicles were chosen to go into theater, inspected and repaired as required here in Canada then sent over where they would be serviced by NSE maint. All the in theater CFR's had the AC listed as 'MZ' for disposal as scrap or salvage. Also the Iltis's sent to UIC 6297 were worked on by 2 SVC Bn in Petawawa. The few that went from there were shown to be maintained by Canadian ISAF NSE Maintenance from that point until being disposed of in theater. It is my guess your CFR#87423 was being readied for deployment in Petawawa, but for some reason ended up at the Land Force Western Area Training Center instead. As you can see there were no records of maintenance by Candian ISAF NSE pers after 2 Svc Bn's inspection. Cheers,

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