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T. Alcorn -

Well I could not locate your serial number and it's actual CFR. Going through the serial numbers and comparing the UIC (Unit Identifier Code) with the CFR range relationship, I came across records for approx. 10-20 trailers overall with wrong serial numbers recorded in the records. Instead of them putting the serial number in the appropriate box, someone had put the trailers ECC (Equipment Classification Code) in that box instead or some records had a partial contract number in that box. These 10-20 all were sold at CFB Valcartier. Seeing that the pics show your tac sign and c/s 39, your trailer belonged to the 2nd Battalion, Royal 22e Regiment(2R22 - the "VanDoos") who are part of 5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (CMBG) out of Quebec. Your trailer was from the 3rd Company in the Battalion and followed closely behind the OC's Iltis. I'm confident in saying that your trailer is lost due to piss poor paperwork, but it is definately one of these 10-20 that were sold out of CFB Valcartier. Cheers,

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