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medic65726 -

I have copied the available info and will edit then post soonest.

pauljboudreau -

and on the dash it self there is a number painted 554277 and possibli an other 7 at the end or nothing at all
This would most likely be the vehicles CFR number, and the last 5 digits are what the license plate would read - '42777'. This same number should be stamped onto the left front frame rail behind the bumper. I've looked for the info on the database using the "554277 and possibli an other 7", but there is no information to be had due to that CFR being re-used (on a 2002 Chevrolet Silverado) since your truck left the service. Anyhow - nice trucks you've got there. Unfortunately the information was gone for my 1952 as well...Cheers,

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