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Default A veterans' son confirms it IS Weyburn

Hi there

Here's the responce I got from Weyburn Saskatchewan.

From: Steve Guthrie []
Sent: Friday, December 29, 2006 8:53 PM
Subject: Help with an historic photo

Hello there

A member of our Canadian Military History online discussion group has posted
a photo of a group of military vehicles lined up on a street in a small

The town is unidentified but there is a suggestion it may be Weyburn.

Can you offer any suggestions?


Steve Guthrie

Peterborough, Ontario


-----Original Message-----
From: Wendy Neiszner []
Sent: Thursday, January 04, 2007 1:57 PM
To: Doug Mulhall; Ed Engele; Blaine Frank; Tourism
Subject: FW: Help with an historic photo

I received this request and am at a loss as to who might be able to help this gentleman. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

Wendy Neiszner


Yes Wendy I am certain that it is Weyburn. I can't date the photo but it is Weyburn, Sk.

It is shot looking North on 3rd St NE, and the photographer was standing
near the intersection of Souris and 3rd St.

Several buildings are recognizable, and still exist including (from far to
near) 1. United Church (round window still in place in the tower, next is 2.
Old City Hall (2 storey brick with the rectangular fire hose tower visible
and still in place), next is 3. Royal Canadian Legion Br #47 wood frame
building with roof line etc easily identifiable today, and next is 4. Star
Bakery which I remember going to as a kid, and a couple down the line is a
brick building with a prominent light coloured cornice which still exists

Doug Mulhall (proud son of Air Force Navigator and Squadron Leader Victor
Allan Mulhall, DFC, now living in Red Deer)
Mgr. Community Services
City of Weyburn
Box 370
Weyburn, Sk.
S4H 2K6 then "Services" then "Building Department..."
Ph 306 848 3221
Fax 306 842 2001

MULHALL, F/L Victor Allen (J4757) - Distinguished Flying Cross - No.214
Squadron - Award effective 7 May 1943 as per London Gazette dated 13 May
1943 and AFRO 1035/43 dated 4 June 1943. Born in Regina, 1918; home in
Saskatchewan; member of Militia (Weyburn Regiment), 1934 to 1937 and of RCMP
(1937-1940); enlisted in Ottawa 11 May 1940. Trained at No.1 ITS (graduated
21 June 1940, No.1 EFTS (graduated 16 August 1940), No.1 SFTS (ceased
training 7 October 1940), No.1 BGS (graduated 17 February 1941), No.1 AOS
(graduated 3 January 1941) and No.1 CNS (graduated 20 March 1941).
Commissioned 1941. Medal presented at Buckingham Palace 7 December 1943.

Flight Lieutenant Mulhall has been navigation officer in his squadron for
eleven months, during three months of which he has also performed the duties
of bombing leader. Despite his duties as squadron navigation officer, Flight
Lieutenant Mulhall has taken part in a large number of operational sorties.
Twice on recent occasions he has returned with excellent photographs of the
aiming point. The high standard of navigation attained in the squadron is
largely owing to the untiring efforts of this officer, while his personal
example has been a source of inspiration to his fellow navigators.

NOTE: Public Record Office Air 2/8950 has recommendation drafted 21 March
1943 when he had flown 32 sorties (173 hours 35 minutes). Sortie list and
text add to the record:

23 Aug 41 Le Havre 10 Feb 42 Brest

25 Aug 41 Karlsruhe 12 Feb 42 Sweep for
cruisers, North Sea

28 Aug 41 Duisburg 8 Mar 42 Essen

31 Aug 41 Cologne 9 Mar 42 Essen

7 Sept 41 Kiel 10 Mar 42 Essen

12 Sept 41 Frankfurt 23 Mar 42 GARDENING

28 Sept 41 Genoa 25 Mar 42 Essen

14 Oct 41 Nuremberg 28 Mar 42 Lubeck

20 Oct 41 Bremen 2 Apr 42 Poissy

24 Oct 41 Brest 17 May 42 Vichy
(Nickel raid)

1 Nov 41 Brest 4 Sep 42 Bremen

7 Nov 41 Berlin 13 Sep 42 Bremen

23 Nov 41 Brest 17 Dec 42 GARDENING

25 Nov 41 Essen 13 Feb 43 Lorient

11 Dec 41 Cologne 1 Mar 43 Berlin

15 Dec 41 Brest 8 Mar 43 Nuremberg

Flight Lieutenant Mulhall has been Navigation Officer in this squadron for
over eleven months, during three months of which he has also performed the
duties of Bombing Leader.

He has carried out 32 operational sorties (involving 173 hours 35 minutes)
and is an excellent practical navigator. His work in this squadron has been
of a high order, and it has been largely due to his untiring efforts that
the standard of navigation has reached such a high level, particularly in
astro work. Despite the fact that his work as a Squadron Navigation Officer
has entailed his being on duty for long periods, he has continued to

Twice in his recent sorties he has been responsible for obtaining excellent
photographs. These were obtained in Bremen on two different occasions and
were both close to the aiming point. Flight Lieutenant Mulhall's personal
example has been an inspiration to the navigators of this squadron.

I LOVE when it works!

WW2 Canadian Army Vehicle
Camouflage and Markings
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