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Attached some photos from the Southwind installation manual, which give a good indication of where to spot the extra holes that David mentioned. I'm reasonably sure that all the M38 CDN's had that large 4-1/8" hole in the dash, btw......on the US-built ones, they started installing that hole in the factory mid/late 1951 (I think!).

I see from your photo that the jeep doesn't have the YS carb or the M38 crossover tube.....but those are very minor details, and easy to rectify if you really wanted to; personally, I would run it just as it is!

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M38 heater - cowl holes.JPG   M38 heater - dash holes.JPG   M38 heater - driver fender holes.JPG   M38 heater - windscreen holes.JPG  
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