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Please could you help me? … I have a Alemite lever grease gun (Model 6593) that I recently bought, but I was wondering if you know or know of someone who may be able to help me …

All of the pictures I have seen for a lever grease gun for a WW2 jeep have “Stewart Warner Chicago USA” as the makers address … the one I have looks exactly the same as a USA issue one, apart from the head material, which is made of brass, I assume the WW2 ones are steel? … the markings on the handle are the same as a USA issue one and is physically identical to those pictures except the information stamped into the cylinder, … it says “ Made in Canada by Stewart Warner Alemite Corp Belleville Ontario”

….. I have been trying to find out when these were made e.g. if this is pre-war, war-time or post-war model ….so I can mount it on my 45 MB knowing it’s the correct vintage.

I have tried asking people on the G503 website, and one person suggested I contact yourselves as your primary subject is the Canadian military during WW2 … may be the Canadian armed forces bought this item directly from the factory, hence, the “made in Canada” stamping?

I have been able to find out that the Alemite factory in Canada started in 1921 & was a subsidiary of Stewart Warner Corp …I found a newspaper cutting on the internet celebrating their 65 birthday in 1986.

Regards & thanks
Trevor Proudler

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