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Originally Posted by Mike Baker View Post
Good evening,

I just bought an M38A1 CDN 2 at an estate sale, and am hoping to find something of its history. The S/N on the data plate is 96887, which I am assuming would make it 710596887. Delivery and inspection dates were both December 1967. According to, that S/N was assigned CFR 67-07840.

I will likely post some photos in a different thread when I get it home tomorrow or Friday, but I think I struck a pot of gold with this one. It's been sitting in the guy's garage for 10+ years, but flashed-up almost immediately when some new gas was added to the tank. Engine has a re-build tag from 1978. It has very little rust, is still painted in the CF camoflage pattern, came with all of the canvas including the grille cover, and even a bright red arctic hard top! The lights even work. Only things missing that I can see are the winch, the shovel from under the hood, the wiper arms and the fire extinguisher.

If only my wife was as happy as I am!
CFR Information
CFR No 07840
CFR Year 1967
Serial No 7105-96887
Actual ECC 121201
Authorized ECC 121201
ERN 30103
Holding Unit 0122
DA Unit 0122
Date Acquired 01-Jan-67
Cost 0
Alloc Code MA
Comm Suite
Current VMO DP356702 - 22-Sep-86
HN Date 05-Mar-87
Pending? No
Disposed? Yes
Disposal Date 03-Feb-87

VMO History for CFR Number : 07840
VMO Type Pending To ECC To AC To HUIC To DA UIC
DP356702 - 22-Sep-86 REGUL No 121201 MA 0122 0122 CFB CHILLIWACK

Last maintenance record was dated 7 Mar 85, performed by CFB Chilliwack with 83013 miles/kms on the Odometer.
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