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Default radios in CDN wartime Jeeps


The wartime CDN jeeps (MB/GPW) had various modifications for the No 19 radio set radio. The only official one I have seen documented is the one posted above.

I have never seen one modified as such in any photos other than a modern one which exists in Belgium. I cannot remember if it is original or not.

From documents we did modify 5 Jeeps to 12 volts to be used as radio jeeps. These sat in storage and were later converted back to a normal jeep. A copy of document is attached.

As the Jeeps were 6 volts, the 19 sets were powered by two batteries, which were changed daily.

In period photos these have been seen mounted on either side fender or across the back seat with the batteries on the floor or on the opposite fender. This set up was also used in Korea.

The Universal carrier was the predominant carrier for the 19 set overseas in infantry units.

I can see the desire to run them off the vehicle battery for convenience. Maybe hide the wires and place two empty battery boxes to give the proper look. They make great storage as well.

The M38 and M38A1 initially ran them off batteries as well until they came up with a vehicle power option.


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