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Default another day

I managed to get another day or three on the ford chassis

I have removed the remaining welds of the attachments

The welds were high strength, therefore hard and time consuming to grind, with barely any sparks coming from the disc

I have straightened any bends in the top and bottom of rail sides

I have fill welded all the extra cut holes in the rails, and filled the bigger ones in this cross member

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The welds have all been ground back flush, and then disc sanded

I found a swelled section between the outer and inner chassis rails, behind where I had removed the cross member, so I cut a piece out of both inside rails, finding plenty of rust from the inside of the inner thin rails, and will replace these pieces after the sandblasting

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I have done the 'total bolt removal' and now a 'partial rivet removal' with the damaged front engine mount crossmember, and the radiator mounts removed
I have also removed these parts out of the 'crane' chassis ready to go in

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All these pieces and the chassis are scraped and wire wheel brushed clean, along with the mudguards, ready to sand blast

I hope I am at the bottom of the deconstruction, because this dismantling does not feel like progress, and the outside workshop looks like a Blitz grave yard

time for
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