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Default universal you say, maybe... maybe not always . . .

Originally Posted by Lynn Eades View Post
. . . (paraphrased)I have been reminded that "universal" meant they were set up for all roles, and as such all MkI* U.C.have the provision to carry the Boys.
Thanks for the help.
We could take the view that being universal means they were set up for all roles.

We could also view the mortar and 2pdr roles as being specific, i.e. not “universal”, and therefore not set up for all roles. I believe such a viewpoint will assist with understanding why the Canadian factory built mortar carrier on a MK-I* chassis does not have stowage provisioning for the Boys ATR. Or stowage provisioning for the BREN either.

Both the C21UCM and C21UCG were built on MK-I* chassis or hulls, with redundant holes close by the hot rivet method.

Lynn, I believe you will find the horizontal differential cover you have with some rivets is from a factory production C21UCM, 3” M.L. mortar carrier. I say this as I am of the mindset the C21UCG did not reach NZ, nor did any MK-II* carrier models.

The stowage needs of the 3” mortar on the rear deck utilized existing holes where possible. An example is the method used to attach the brackets for the tube and clearing/cleaning rod. They used holes in the upper rear protection plate that formerly attached the now redundant wireless portable battery box.

Remember the hydraulic jack of the factory UC-2 mortar carrier was relocated to stow in a special bracket attached to the top of the steering cam cover.

While production of Canadian factory mortar carriers took place over multiple orders, existing examples in Canada show mortar carriers from CD-213 and CD-1555, covering November, 1942 through July, 1943. We know some mortar carriers were repurposed in multiple roles, including towing the 6pdr. We were reminded of this in September, 2014 in the Netherlands during OP70, when Richie H. was approached by this 51st. Highland Div. veteran who posed with a picture of his mortar carrier as reassigned to 6pdr role.

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