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Default WS 19 MkII jeep install questions


Iím installing one of my MkII 19 sets in my jeep. Iíve not seen any install instructions for a Jeep, so Iím just interpolating from some of the install instructions Iíve seen. For the power cable, am I correct in thinking that I need either the Connector, Twin, No. 88, or the Connector, Twin, No. 194?

Iím also going to need an Aerial Feeder Assembly, but which one?

Lastly, this set has been inactive for years, but Iíve opened it up and it looks good on the inside. From what Iíve read, I need to apply low voltage, approx 3 volts for about four hours. If nothing grenades, then I need to gradually increase the power until I get to full power, that being 12 volts. Just how am I supposed to accomplish this?


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