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Default Re. formation/troop sign

Originally Posted by Rod Cairns View Post
G'day Owen,
The sign is a reproduction of an emblem used by 1 Troop, C Squadron, 1st Armoured Regiment in 1968. It was usually hand painted just above the Turret Pistol Port and is included on the decal sheet of the 1:35 AFV Club RAAC Mk 5/1 (Aust) kit to go on the "31B" option.
Rod, many thanks for this information. I did wonder if it was a troop sign, but I am not an expert in these matters. Do you know if the vehicle would have originally displayed the 1ATF (red kangaroo on yellow shield with thin red border) formation sign? Was this common practice on the AU Centurions? That model is absolutely stunning BTW.
Kind regards, Owen.
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