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Originally Posted by Mike Cecil View Post

You don't have to post the same thread in multiple places - we'll generally see it no matter where it is.

Tony: I think he's wanting the smaller tie down hooks, about 3 inches long, 3/4 inch wide flat, two counter-sunk screw holes, with a shaped hook at one end. I remember two types: one with the hook part shaped from the flat and bent back over to make the hook, such as a blacksmith would do, and a fabricated type with a round welded to the end of the flat, and bent back to make the hook. Used to lace down the bottom edge of the canopy.

I think the hook you show is the hook for holding the folded back flap on the early canopy type where the sides wrapped back part way across the rear of the tray, or on the side on later vehicles for holding the rear canopy flap in the closed position. Much more robust than the smaller canopy tie-downs as shown in the second image. (Shaun probably needs both).

i think he wants this
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