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matthewq4b -
First one Serial number 0033 (must be an early unit)
Second one Serial Number 1149
T. Alcorn -
Info for my M101CDN2 Trailer, please:
M101CDN2, Serial Number 0917, CFR 36221
I will look tomorrow. It may take longer for me to get an answer unless I luck out. There are about 2000 of these trailers (I'm guesstimating) that individually need to have each file opened to check for a matching serial number. Hopefully the CFR and serial numbers were assigned in order numerically. As I've seen from other motorized CFR'd equipment, that is not the case however. Trailers may be different. As well I would suggest that if you find a 5 digit number marked on your trailer (or even 3 digit - as in the CFR's last three digits) in marker, chalk, pencil crayon, etc., that may be part of your trailers CFR. As mechanics and supply pers we sometimes mark parts ordered for a specific vehicle or trailer so that repair part would be put on to the item it was ordered for. Marking the CFR of the equipment onto the ordered part quickly identifies it when that new part is sitting amongst a pile of parts on the shelf awaiting install. So if you find a 5 or 3 digit number on say a pintle hitch, wheel or park brake handle - it may be a clue to finding that needle in a 2000 piece haystack....Cheers,

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