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Default batteries

Battery Direct has one that will fit your tray and hold downs , it is almost a perfect replacement for the 2HN , but first you need to address your main problem , a system that is not charging, I'm helping a friend with his M-152 , we are replacing his entire wiring system and just in time , a fire looking for a place to happen, the new harness is not cheap but fixes a mountain of future problems ,I have a second friend with a M-37 that has already had problems, I told him to get a complete harness and that I would help him, he purchased only one section of the harness and wanted me to replace that , I told him that in no way would I touch the vehicle unless he acquired the entire harness , other wise after his truck burns to the ground and he thinks I've done something wrong , these vehicles do not have fuse boxes that will blow they just burn, I've installed new harness sets on every vehicle that I've restored and I know your's also needs this , your problem can be anything from the gen or reg to rotten wiring and bad grounds , fix your first problem first,
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