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Default Bruce need your help again...

On previous emails to Peter S..... on this side of the pond....

you wrote:

This is for the #2 power supply.......for a Canadian Mark III .........PS are they all the same?????

pin1 -12v heaters, -12v dynamotor & gnd
pin2 i/c speech
pin3 +12v heaters & relay
pin4 +12v vibrator & dynamotor
pin5 signal
pin6 -12v vibrator

If working only from the vibrator it is advisable not to power the i/c, A set & B set all at once as it loads the psu. Besides, there's nothing like the scream of a well lubed dynamotor.

Had to delete part of my message previous as it did not make any sense.

What I am trying to do with the above information is verify/confirm that the 12 volts cables from the CPP-2 PS are of the correct polarity because the ends that connect to the CPP-2 PS are not clearly indicated. I will use a simple continuity tester to check out pin numbers and clearly mark my cables for future reference

Again many thanks.

Bob C.
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