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Default Restoration tip........

I have been struggling hard taking apart my C15 Cab 11 trying to stay away from the hot wrench as much as possible. One reason is that Cab 11 parts are hard to find and I am not a professional hot wrench expert. I have also been trying to save as many as possible of these strange slightly rounded screw heads fasteners and the upholstery washer used in the assembly.

I have had tremendous positive results with cans of Release-All purchased at the local Canadian Tire.... on both small and large nuts and bolts. Having tried everything from WD 40 to Gibbs from the states and others I can't even remember. It is cheap and it works. Don Dingwall has had similar experience on his Cab 13.

I spay once let it sit for half an hour... spray again... wack with a hammer and spray again. On particular hard screws where you can't seem to break the rust bond ... I have used a small propane torch with a small tip.... and apply 1 minute of heat right on the caged nut...... wrap once with a small hammer and .. is freed up.....let it cool a bit spray again and it comes off like nothing.

If patience is a virtue.... I am getting virtueous!!!!!

Hoping it can help someone..
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