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Default Re: Corps and Div Arty HQ - AoS marking

Originally posted by Tony Viste
But this brings up another question, since Divisional HQ RCA kept the Arty colors (40 on red/blue), why did Corps HQ RCA have it on black?
Hi Tony;

In answer to your above mentioned question, the answer may be in the fact that when: -

Serial 1 - Headquarters, 1st Corps
Serial 1701 - Headquarters, 2nd Corps

were authorized, the 'H.Q. Corps Artillery', was inclusive in each.

The position of 'Corps Commander Royal Artillery' (CCRA), which was a Brigadier's position, was contained within the War Establishment of a 'Corps Headquarters'.

At the divisional level (both infantry and armoured), the 'H.Q. Div Artillery', was authorized under separate serials, these being: -

Serial 4 - Headquarters of 1st Divisional Artillery, R.C.A.
Serial 154 - Headquarters of 2nd Divisional Artillery, R.C.A.
Serial 578 - Headquarters, 5th Armoured Divisional Artillery
Serial 704 - Headquarters, 3rd Divisional Artillery, R.C.A.
Serial 904 - Headquarters, 4th Armoured Divisional Artillery

with their own War Establishment (one for an Inf Div Arty HQ and one for an Armd Div Arty HQ), which was separate from that of the parent division itself (Inf or Armd).

The below image is taken from standard vehicle markings, as at 15 May 1944: -

as used by First Canadian Army.

I hope this helps answer your question as to why the CCRA's staff used the AoS '17' on black and the 'Div Arty HQ' used the AoS '40' on red over blue.

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