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Thanks for that information.
The only information I know at present is that a Den Hollander family, father H.G.. travelling with P.W. and E.H., sailed from Sabang, near Batavia, Java, with vessel Sibajak, to Rotterdam on 21/7/1935. The same three people sailed back from Rotterdam to Batavia with vessel Dempo on 3/4/1936. (Data from Passenger lists). These apparently are the only occurrences of people with the name den Hollander travelling between NEI and the Netherlands 1910-1940 and 1945-1964 periods. Although it is not certain, odds are that the above E.H is Erick Hendrick.
If the above supposition is correct - Erick Hendrik's father was H.G. den Hollander. Do you know if any records were kept in USA of Dutch people who relocated there from Java during or after WW2?
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