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Although I am not a 4.2 inch mortar specialist, I own two complete 3 inch mortars (with CES): Mk II (Cdn 1942) and Mk IV (British 1944). So, I would suggest that we have to go back to the base, therefore to the main source. In this particular case, the reference is “WO 1645, Maintenance Manual for the ML 2-Inch, ML 3-Inch, and SB 4.2-Inch Mortars - Land Service, 21st September 1946”. On page 76 of the document, it is clearly recognized the Mounting Mk I.

IAW “57 Vocabulary 1407 - Vocabulary of Army Ordnance Stores, Section M 1, Miscellaneous Weapons, Bomb-Throwers 2-In, Flame-Throwers Wheeled, Mortars Spigot 29-mm, OML 2-in Mortar, O.M.L. 3-in Mortar, O.M.S. 3-in Gun, O.S.B. 4.2-in Mortar, and Projectors 2 1/2 -in, 22nd April 1944” the Mounting Mk I Part Number was "MR 40GA" and cost 42£.

Regarding the Base Plate, the number "MR 1520" does not appear in the VOAS. The only numbers found are:

- MR 49GA – Plate, Base, 4.2-in S.B. Mortar No. 1, Mk. I
- MR 51GA – Plate, Base, 4.2-in S.B. Mortar No. 2, Mk. I
- MR 62GA – Plate, Base, 4.2-in S.B. Mortar No. 3, Mk. I

Perhaps a post-war Base Plate? There is a VAOS dated 1962 however, sadly, I don't have a copy.

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