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Default Identified by Troop


What I've always understood it to be, and this would be for the mid to late war War Establishment of a three battery field regiment with 24 guns, is that the six troops of the regiment were lettered independently from A Troop to F Troop. A and B Troop would belong to the senior battery through to E and F Troop in the junior battery. (Battery seniority was solely dependent upon the battery's number and not its history.)

Each gun within a troop was also allocated a letter; from A to D. So, gun AA was the first gun in the first troop of the senior firing battery. Gun CB was the second gun of the first troop of the intermediate battery. Gun FD was the fourth gun in the second troop of the junior battery.

However I think you are correct when you state that at different time periods, and maybe even in different theatres, the system could have been different. I know you wanted documentary proof which, if I find, I will pass on.

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