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Default WW2 Canadian Artillery Vehicle Markings.

We are changing some of the signs on some pieces at work, and there is some conflicting info about what is the correct format.

So I have looked at a few sites on the web trying to decipher what is correct for markings on the artillery tractors. The Brigade and unit markings are fairly constant, in that the various sources agree on what is correct. Where my puzzle comes in is on the Battery/Troop/Gun marking.

Basically, the blue square with a 1/4 of it in red to denote which battery is understandable enough.

But a few sites quote that for the 8 guns in the battery (2 troops of 4 guns) one troop's guns are identified with A, B, C, or D, and the second troops tractors and guns are ID'd with E, F, G and H. That means for the first gun in the first troop in the first Battery, you would have the smaller red square in the top right corner, and a large letter A superimposed over it.

Another site shows the guns ID'd by troops. So the first gun in the first troop on the first battery would be ID'd by a Blue square, small red square in the top corner, and the letter A with a 1 superimposed on it. Some sites and photos show a smaller 1 next to the A. Still other sites show another format of AA for the same gun.

So which is correct, and if it's all, were there certain time periods for each?
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