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Default No. 15 Field Security Section, C Int C

Anyone have anything on this unit, which was part of 2nd Canadian Corps troops? I've just been emailed by a gentleman (now resident in Hawaii) who served with them in NW Europe. He served with the Canadian Army Overseas from 8 Sept 1939 until 7 Aug 1945, one of the "originals"...

Anyway, he's going back to Normandy for the 60th and would like to know whether there's any formal Canadian effort in getting the vets over there and bringing them together at more than simply a regimental level. I must confess I don't know, so if you hear anything, post it here for me, would you?

Lastly, he mentioned he'd love to find some of the people he served with... I'm presuming that the only way he's really going to do THAT is by posting an ad in Legion Magazine, and I'll give him the links. If he doesn't have it already, I'll also pass along the links for the Archives (the unit's War Diaries should be available) and for Veterans Affairs.

Anything else you can think of?


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