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Default The BV Award recipients

Hi Jan,

The award is well deserved - about time you received some international recognition for all your hard work over many years. According to the MVPA website, the reason for the award, and the previous recipients were:

MVPA’s Bart Vanderveen Memorial Distinguished Service Award

The MVPA Awards Committee will select this recipient using the same criteria as The Roll of Honor award (below), focusing on an individual who has contributed the most to the historic preservation of military vehicles worldwide. Only (1) one award will be given a year yet it is not to be considered as an annual requirement of the MVPA. The winner will be announced at the MVPA Convention Awards Banquet at which time a plaque will be presented. The winner will be listed in SUPPLY LINE as part of the convention coverage following the event.
  • 2018 Lloyd White
  • 2017 Ian Young
  • 2016: David Cadorette
  • 2015: David Doyle
  • 2014: HMV Italia
  • 2013: David Fletcher
  • 2012: Kevin Kronlund
  • 2011: Brent Mullins
  • 2010: Richard P. Hunnicutt
  • 2009: Allan Cors
  • 2008:
  • 2007: Reg Hodgson
  • 2006: Henry Venetta
  • 2005: Jacques Littlefield
  • 2004: Tony Budge
  • 2003: Fred N. Ropkey
  • 2002: Jaap DeGroot
  • 2001: Bart Vanderveen
The list needs to be updated (I'll remind MVPA HQ of that!) and the reference to Supply Line removed, as that publication has been rolled together with Army Motors into the History in Motion magazine.

Looking at the list, you are the first women to receive the award, and are one of only two Australians.


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