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As a younger soldier I had my personal plans over ridden by the system at the last minute (not the only time that happened) and on a Saturday I ended up doing a dog & pony show at a southern Ontario Airshow with a couple of Cougar AVGPs from 1H. To be honest it wasn't un-fun and I made the best of it (not the only time that happened either). Long story short, I was invited to fly in a Snowbird.

I really really did want to but with a toddler and not all together healthy wife at home waiting to salvage some of the day, I declined. My place was taken by a young Sgt from the local Recruiting Centre. We were casual acquaintances back in Pet.He was a jumper.

So........the Snowbird goes down in Lake Erie and both he and the Pilot eject. I actually hear it on the radio driving home. Pilot OK but passenger not so much so. Compressed back. Eventually I go into the hospital to visit and remind him to get the pilot to sign his jump book and put in for cas para allowance.

Not sure what happened; never saw him again.

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