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Bruce. Thanks for the inspection report. Much appreciated.

If I am understanding the 19-Set HP correctly then, the Canadian version required two main additions to the standard 19-Set: power supply located immediately above the transceiver assembly of the 19-Set and the Amplifier itself located over the 19-Set PSU.

By comparison, the British design was a one piece integrated unit mounted above the 19-Set transceiver.

My brain tells me the British design makes more sense, but my heart tells me the Canadian design was, well…Canadian.

Wish I had lived in the Toronto area in the late 1940's and early 1950's. I vaguely recall running across an old advert in an electronics magazine from a company in the Toronto area at that time flogging complete 19-Set HP Installation sets somewhere in the $300 range.

Too soon old. Too late smart. Even later rich!

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