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Originally Posted by RichardT10829 View Post
PS do NOT try and Bullsh** them, do NOT try and pass the vehicle off as something it is not, be candid and honest but firm with it, as a military vehicle it falls to so many more exemptions than regular vehicles do. you wont get penalised for it having a military backround, however for those with the big stuff, MBT.s , CVRT's, or any vehicle with a main gun, you must also provide with the above a valid DEMIL certificate for any armament that the vehicle is fitted with. There were rumours circulating that the tracks need to be modified to conform, this is not true both the pitch and contact ground presure are well within the legal guidelines. I have confirmed this with VOSA.
That is the best advice. They are civil servants and will usually respond well to firm instruction!
The bit about demil certs for the gun is more rubbish I'm afraid. That is of no concern to DVLA or VOSA. If they told you that, it was another attempt at being difficult.

There is a maximum ground pressure allowed for tracked vehicles and though carriers are well inside it, many tanks aren't, depending on which track is fitted. There is also a 20mph speed limit for all tracked vehicles on british roads.
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