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went into local DVLA office in my best suite and they have authorised Nigel to provide a letter, they asked "does he know what he is talking about" i pulled out his books and got "Oh bloody hell yes he does", it was frustrating as the DVLA are so hit and miss, they began to tell me i needed an MOT until i corrected them, i got the we will speak with VOSA so i handed them my phone and said here ring em they are on my speed dial..... needless to say you dont need an MOT so dont be duped into trying to get one !

all you need is:-
* The letter for proof of age and proof of vehicle type,
* A certificate of insurance (you have to use the hull numbers for this)
* Completed form V55/5
* Completed form VAT14 (prove i have paid duty on the vehicle as its an import)
* £55.00 admin fee

and Voila.

cheers folks


PS do NOT try and Bullsh** them, do NOT try and pass the vehicle off as something it is not, be candid and honest but firm with it, as a military vehicle it falls to so many more exemptions than regular vehicles do. you wont get penalised for it having a military backround, however for those with the big stuff, MBT.s , CVRT's, or any vehicle with a main gun, you must also provide with the above a valid DEMIL certificate for any armament that the vehicle is fitted with. There were rumours circulating that the tracks need to be modified to conform, this is not true both the pitch and contact ground presure are well within the legal guidelines. I have confirmed this with VOSA.

in the case of DEMIL certs this would be a case of carrying your Certs for brens / boys etc with you when you go to shows, but these are not needed to register the machine as they are not permemantly fixed to / or form part of the machine itself, more a mandatory ancilliary har har har
is mos redintegro

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