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Default Dvla

When i was trying to sort out my Daimler Armoured Car i asked DVLA who i could use to get a letter from they looked at there list and said the MVT i asked who in the MVT and got no reply so i got my local mvt to sort out a letter it was rejected so went to the local vintage bus museum and asked them it too was rejected, so i went back to DVLA and asked who can i get to check this vehicle and sort a letter out they said again the MVT what they didnt tell me till i saw the chaps list was that they would only accept the MVT's letter if it was from the name on there list they wouldnt tell me who it was, he put the list down to get sumthing and i saw who it was they had listed - John Marchant as the MVT vehicle inspector he hasnt done them for years, Well i know john as had a few bits off him for it in the past he wrote me a letter and all was fine DVLA are a law unto them selfs at times they seem to like to make simple things hard then they wanted me to drive the vehicle 12 miles in to town with no number plates, tax disk or anything for them just to see it , when i said it has a 2pounder gun and the royal mail sorting office is next door and do you think thats a good idea and you can explain that to the boys in blue that you just wanted to see it i left it with DVLA and two days later had a phone call telling me all the paper work was ready for collection tax disk and reg number. Stand your ground with them mate and you will be fine.......
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