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thanks, that will deffinately help i am in alberta so things are different with the insurance. however the registration is about the same as i can tell, i just didnt know if it you were able to get them on the road. i would be working witht the truck doing snow removal mostly but i was thinking about doing hotshot work for a company in town also, so i would be needing commercial on one of them. i was thinking of getting a couple of them because they such a good price and very awesome. im surprised you dont see more of them out west here up in the oil patch. i know a few companies in bc use them for logging but you dont see them much except sometimes on a farm but very rarely nowadays. most of the military vehicles you see on farms are the WWII M37's and the occasional carrier sitting in the back behind the barn. i have a few that i am trying to buy but old vets love their m37's. theres no muscle cars to restore left around here and there is alot of interest in mv's around here but no one knows anything about the hobby.thanks for the info it will help now that i know that you can drive them legally i will be saving my pennies to get a couple at once and put one to work.
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