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Default M35 on the road

We have a M35 and a M109A3 both licenced for the road. The procedure is quite simply, once you have the truck and the paperwork if you import the truck. take the paperwork to the licence office and they will issue you a registration and then you pass the safety inspection and if in Ontario a clean air test. Once passed, they will issue plates and a correct registration.
Be aware that to pass the truck at safety you must bring it to Cdn standards, clearance lights, backup lights etc. It is easy if you know what you are doing. We have done this many times. These trucks are inspected yearly and can be expensive for plates. Insurance is another matter, the best is to contact your insurance company/broker. If you plan on working with the truck you are looking at commercial insurance. At present in Quebec where we have govt insurance on our plates and plates for a 3 axle truck costs $1400, insurance 1 side only $800+. In Ont plates are less but insurance is more. Owning a big truck is expensive.
Do you plan on buying the M35 from a dealer or a private individual?? Gilles
I drove our M35 today in the snow, our trucks have Cdn MLVW tires and not the Non directional tires.
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