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Default Registering and insuring an m35a2

I am looking to buy my first mv. i am wondering about the laws in Alberta that are about driving 6x6's on the road. i have read the post about the MLVW's and am wondering if i was to buy an am gen or kaiser from the late 60's early 70's would it be legal to drive on the road. right now there is too much snow to drive any normal vehicle and i would be buying my first truck to be driven quite alot as i live in a farming community and could make decent side money hauling for farmers in the winter when im off work. i would also be looking at doing camping and hunting with it. my question is how does one register and insure one of these, if you go with the older trucks are they able to pass safety and have insurance? i know of a farmer that has a couple, and i assume he drives them on the road cause i drove past his house and he had a horse trailer on the hitch. however farmers have farm plates and can clame pretty much anything is a grain truck, but i live in town so i cannot qualify for farm plates.

does anyone run these on the road currently? i am very interested in getting a fleet of 6x6s. its a childhood dream and i am finally making enough money to start getting into a hobby like this. i have a few friends who are also interested in getting into the hobby as well, especially if you can drive a deuce down the street, legally, in the middle of winter .
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