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I agree. It seems the Birkenhead collection has been moved closer to eachother, probably to enable the area around it to be developed.

Over the past few weeks I spent some time looking for landing craft survivors on the internet, LCA's, US LCT's, LST's and British LCT's. It seems that while I was conserned about LCT landfall, a few other "surviving" British LCT3's and 4's have been scrapped in my own country over the past few years.

Below are some examples, some barely modified, others hardly recognizable. I was surprised that some of them survived (and some still survive) in Holland, because we tend to "clean" our country, which saw several old army trucks disappear and even Sherman range targets being scrapped.

"De Kil" (LCT 3) scrapped only two or three months ago!!!!

Pictures: "Hans"

"Rio 2/ Trio2" (LCT 3) scrapped in 2000 after stranding.


"Bogy" (2 LCT 3's welded together!) After an accident when loading, which killed the captain. The ship was scrapped in Belgium somewhere around 2002.

Pictures: "Piet Bieze"

"Jabo" seems to be stilll in business. I have only seen one picture, which makes it hard to determine, but I recon it is based on a LCT3.

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