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Default Henleys - Item of Clothing for Despatch Riders?

Hello All,

Can someone please let me know what item of clothing a "Henleys" is?

The following is a write-up about English World War II Despatch Riders that mentions ... "with henleys, pullovers and riding shirts"

With so many variables to consider, the hallmarks of despatch rider gear were versatility, utility and performance. Layering up was a necessity, with henleys, pullovers and riding shirts forming a despatch rider’s summer-to-winter get-up. Knee-high riding breeches and boots, lightweight helmets and comfortable gloves point to a high degree of protection and functionality. Airy, comfortable materials such as canvas and twill were used, combining military heritage and utility. Pieces of soft storage such as panniers were strapped on to the motorcycle and messenger bags and duffel bags weren’t just accessories, they were standard issue (Accessed 24th March 2020, from

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