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Hi Dave and welcome to MLU.

Thanks for your reply regarding LCT 7074......I also read something on it on HMVF.......shocking! Really shocking, let's hope it does get saved (again).

Last year I seriously looked at making a visit just to see the LCT....I guess because I always had an interest in D-day landing craft and the places where you can visit and experience actual WW2 landing craft is very limited. 7074 is unique in a way that the original camouflage and numbers are still visible and because the modifications made to the vessel after WW2 are pretty limited, compared to some other survivors.

Even last year at the 65th remembrance of D-day, only one WW2 craft was to be seen along the coast, an LCVP. While there are still some landing craft around, most of them are lingering in ponds....or rotting away in naval harbours. A real shame, because they played such an important role in the liberation of Europe......sadly some of them will soon be lost forever.

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