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Default OMVA Executive Positions - Call For Nominations For Vice President and Treasurer

To all OMVA Members:

Nominations for the positions of Vice President and Treasurer have now closed.

As only one nomination was received for each position, Terry Witiuk for Vice President, and Brian Olivieri for Treasurer, an election is not necessary and they are acclaimed in their positions, with their 2 year terms to expire at the end of 2023.

The full elected OMVA Executive for 2022 is:

President, Les Fisher, term expires end of 2022
Vice President, Terry Witiuk, term expires end of 2023
Treasurer, Brian Olivieri, term expires end of 2023
Secretary / Membership Coordinator, Barry Churcher, term expires end of 2022

Contact information for all members of the Executive may be found on page 3 of any recent CMP Magazine.

Thank you to all who made nominations or expressed their support for the Executive.


Barry Churcher

Secretary / Membership Coordinator

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